4 Tricks Your Dog Can Train You To Do
If I'm the one with the college degree, why am I picking up poop?

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There are two types of people in this world; dog owners and people who have never had to willingly pick up another creature’s fecal matter in a thin plastic baggie. You think you’re so smart, human? Well, here are four things your dog has probably trained you to do. 1 Wake Up Early on Saturday Morning Ah, weekend mornings, the …

Dog Anatomy 101
An attempt at understanding one of our closest friends who also happens to drink out of the toilet.

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By breaking the dog down into his different parts, I hope to paint a useful but also now somewhat disturbing picture as you probably are thinking about a dismembered dog and I’m sorry about that. The Nose Science has shown that dog noses are approximately 12.8 billion times more sensitive than a human nose, which is why they can distinguish, …