Driving Miss Crazy

Can two people find love without driving each other crazy?

After the loss of his wife five years ago, all Washington diplomatic driver Adrian Ross wants to do is keep his seven-year-old daughter Charlie safe. The last thing on his mind, or so he thought, was finding love– or losing his job. Now, a new job opportunity launched with a coffee shop crash of hot tea bring him face to face with Maggie MacNally, a creative and kooky Irish girl with a penchant for talking to squirrels.

Despite having the influential Ambassador from Ireland as her grandmother, Maggie is still trying to find her own path to success, having always fallen just short in life and love. After an offer from her grandmother to help with the prestigious Diplomat’s Gala, what may be her last real chance at achieving her dreams may finally be in her grasp. And no small thanks to Valery, the suave French diplomat who’s eager to help her achieve her hopes… or does he have other plans?

Will Adrian take a second chance at love, or just play it safe? And will Maggie find the life and love she always thought she wanted, or be left with the pieces of yet another broken dream? And will Charlie remember her lines as Swishy the Squirrel in the school play?

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Driving Miss Crazy