Yeah, baby! It’s March Madness!
Your guide to the yearly excitement of March M- WHAT!? YOU'RE CRAZY! HE WAS TOTALLY SET!!

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“March Madness” primarily refers to the inter-office semi-legalized gambling that takes place every spring right after everyone becomes an instant self-proclaimed expert on whether [insert random basketball player name here] has the “ups” and “efficiency numbers” to “contribute” the maximum number of “quotation marks” to “complete” this sentence. There are also some basketball games. The tournament is for men and women in U.S. …

It’s the Super Bo… Excuse me; the “Sensational Basin”!
Facts and history from the most intensely-trademarked event in sports.

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The Super Bowl®, as you probably already know, is the annual, intensely-trademarked championship game held at the end of each decade-long season of professional American football. It should not be confused with the lesser-known Supra Bowl, which is held by disgruntled ex-Toyota executives by smashing Toyota Supras into each other in the parking lot of Toyota headquarters. The game is played in early February, approximately …

Dinner Buckets, Goal Posts, and Baby Splits (Bowling)
Our somewhat botched history of bowling.

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The earliest, most primitive forms of bowling occurred in Ancient Egypt, where the sport never really caught on because they used only pyramid-shaped balls. Then, during the time of the Roman Empire, a similar game evolved, played between Roman legionaries, which entailed tossing stone objects as close as possible to bands of raving Visigoths and then running away. This game …

3 Tips to Understanding International Sports (If You’re a Clueless American)
How to tell your cricket bat from your vuvuzela.

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If you’ve ever visited a foreign country, you’ve probably wondered why airlines use such terrible food to get you there. In addition, you may also have to encounter a sporting event with which you are unfamiliar, but which the locals seem to love with all their hearts, to the degree that they will beat each other with vuvuzelas to prove …

How To Talk Sports Even When You’re A Sports Moron
An effort to try to help guys who are not total sports geeks not sound like the total sports geeks they inevitably are.

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We all know the guys who sleep, breathe, and sprinkle sports on their Wheaties, who, in February, after the final second of the Superbowl ticks off, will immediately begin discussing the men-on-base weekday-only away-game slugging percentage of an obscure minor league player who might be drafted in the 23rd round by the [insert favorite team here; it doesn’t really matter] …

Horsing Around with Derby Days
We take the Kentucky Derby out for a Dubious Knowledge speed test.

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The hint of spring is in the air, the tulips are blooming, and, unless you are a member of Congress, your taxes are done. That means it’s time for that historic springtime tradition featuring humongous hats, the Kentucky Derby. Much like curling in the Winter Olympics, except without the excessive boredom, this is for most of us our one chance …