How to Hang a Picture (In Three Nail Holes Or Less)
You splurged on that garage sale velvet Elvis; now share it with the world.

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Adding beauty and attractiveness to your home and apartment with new artwork is easy when you know how. Unfortunately, we only know the hard way, so here we go. First, you will, of course, need something to hang on your wall. If you don’t already own a picture, you are probably a guy, in which case we suggest obtaining Dogs …

6 Christmas Decorating Styles To Avoid
The dubious adventures of Dancing Hula Santa and Bam Bam Baby Jesus

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One of the unspoken rules of home ownership, such as “never shovel your snow into your neighbor’s open car window”, is that you must decorate your yard every holiday season. For most of us, this consists of tastefully hanging a string of icicle lights over the garage door while sacrificing a few extremities to the sub-zero weather. However, some of …

How to Wallpaper a Room in 8 Curse Words or Less
Being driven up a wall by poor wallpapering metaphors? Let us help.

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Anyone can paint a room, or a room and a carpet, or a room, carpet and dog, but it takes a special skill to enhance your decor with that unique, insoluble glue that only wallpaper can bring to your rug. Adding wallpaper is an easy way to add spice to a space, or, as we prefer to say, an easy …

4 Tricks Your Dog Can Train You To Do
If I'm the one with the college degree, why am I picking up poop?

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There are two types of people in this world; dog owners and people who have never had to willingly pick up another creature’s fecal matter in a thin plastic baggie. You think you’re so smart, human? Well, here are four things your dog has probably trained you to do. 1 Wake Up Early on Saturday Morning Ah, weekend mornings, the …

3 Tips to Understanding International Sports (If You’re a Clueless American)
How to tell your cricket bat from your vuvuzela.

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If you’ve ever visited a foreign country, you’ve probably wondered why airlines use such terrible food to get you there. In addition, you may also have to encounter a sporting event with which you are unfamiliar, but which the locals seem to love with all their hearts, to the degree that they will beat each other with vuvuzelas to prove …

The Grassed and the Furious: 5 Dubious Lawn Tips
Get your turbicles in order with these 5 almost-helpful tips.

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It’s summer, which means it’s time to look at your sad, weedified, dead-patchy lawn and mentally kick yourself for not taking care of it in the spring when you were supposed to, but you were too busy fixing the snowblower which you put off in February because you were still getting your Christmas decorations off the roof which you put …