Here’s an Idea: Write About the Light Bulb
We shed some dubious light on the most important invention since Easy Cheese.

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There is one invention by which all others are measured in terms of impact and usefulness, having irrevocably changed when and how we live our lives. I’m speaking, of course, about Easy Cheese, which you can accurately spray into your mouth at all hours of the day with the help of another cool invention, the light bulb. Commonly accredited to …

Gentlemen, Start Your Marmons! (the Indianapolis 500)
Our possibly fabricated take on "The Greatest Spectacle in Racing"

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Billed as “the Greatest Spectacle in Racing”, along with the fees that homeowners outside the track charge to park your car, the Indianapolis 500 is one of the most recognizable motor races in the world. Contested every Memorial Day in the US at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, it is part of the “Triple Crown of Motorsport” along with the Monaco …

Ready For Some Family Therapy? Let’s Play Monopoly!
Just so we’re clear: I get the race car this time.

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Monopoly is the quintessential American board game we all know and shun on family game night because we don’t want to pay for more group counseling after the bickering escalates. Originally intended to demonstrate the evils of land ownership, it ended up mostly demonstrating the evils of totally destroying your sister’s dignity when she landed on your fully-hoteled Boardwalk. The …

All About Pizza (and 124,439 Red, Rusty 1992 Datsuns)
We slice up America's favorite food for teenagers and Ninja Turtles.

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The word “pizza” was first documented in Gaeta, Italy in 997 AD, where it meant, loosely translated, “inedible cardboard wheel”. It’s origins are hard to determine, as various groups, such as the “Hut” tribe of Kansas and the “Domino” clan of Ypsilanti, all lay claim to it’s invention, if not it’s demise. Almost every civilization with access to bread and …

20 (Suspicious and Somewhat Useles) Facts About South Dakota
The state that gave you forced perspective photos of tourists picking Mt. Rushmore's nose is back with 20 almost believable facts.

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1 Official Motto: “Under God the People Rule” Unofficial Motto: “Under God the People Rule (We Just Don’t Have a Lot Of’em To Do It”) 2 South Dakota’s name is derived from two Native American Sioux Dakota words: “Dakota”, meaning “Uh, That’s JustOur Name”, and “Hekahele itoka kasota mapiya oyate oaako iyakahea”, meaning “South”. 3 The geographical center of the United …

All About Michelangelo: Part 2 (Pope Orange Julius and Della’s Signature Pizza)
Our second, pizza-infused, mostly apocryphal account of the maker of the world’s nudest art.

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See Part 1 here. Just to bring you up to date on our first episode about Michelangelo, here are the highlights: spoiled capicola, snowmen and Pope Tag. Now that you’re caught up, we can go to Rome. Rome in 1496 was, surprisingly, much like it is today, except with less crumbling, run-down 500-year-old buildings, fewer cars, no reality TV shows, …